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A new Highway Improvement Contract

New mandates

By EBC inc 2 March 2018

The Ministère des Transports, de la Mobilité durable et l’Électrification des transports ( MTMDET) awarded our team a $ 30 million contract to redesign and improve the Lagueux interchange located above the Jean-Lesage (A-20) highway in Lévis.

Given the increase in heavyweight vehicles and traffic in this sector, the current interchange no longer met actual capacity, functionality and safety needs during peak periods, thus creating considerable congestion over several meters.

To correct this problem, our teams will be working on widening route 171 to a four-lane road, over a length of 1.54 km. The project also includes the widening of chemin Olivier over 560 m of its length, correction of the “S” curve north of the interchange, repair of neighboring roads, realignment of the cooperative road as well as demolition and construction of two bridges over CN tracks.

After our success with the Félix-Leclerc and Laurentien highway redevelopment projects, this is an opportunity to demonstrate our expertise in transportation and to exceed MTMDET’s requirements.