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Marie-Claude Houle: Le Soleil–Radio-Canada 2018 Business and Economy Laureate

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By Johanne Laurin 1 February 2019

Photo (Le Soleil – Caroline Grégoire), left to right: Jean-François Rioux (Radio-Canada), Véronique Lessard (Radio-Canada), Marie-Claude Houle (Business and Economy), Anne-Marie Olivier (Grand Laureate 2018), Normand Voyer (Science and Research), Roland Lepage (Jury selection), Gabriel Tremblay (Society), Jonathan Lévesque (Youth), Claude Gagnon (Le Soleil) and Martin Cauchon (Groupe Capitales Médias).

On January 28, 2019, the 15th annual Le Soleil–Radio-Canada gala in honour of the 2018 award winners gave top honours to EBC President and CEO Marie-Claude Houle. She was recognized for her leadership, commitment, determination and impact on the community. The prizes were awarded at the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec’s Pierre Lassonde pavilion whose expansion was achieved by EBC.

Marie-Claude modestly but proudly accepted the honours in the Business and Economy category amidst a strong complement of finalists.

President of EBC since she was 35 years old, Marie-Claude is a woman of action and challenge. She is passionate about people and her industry. Highly involved socially, a galvanizing visionary, she scaled the ranks of the family business operating in the building, civil and mining sectors. Their sales volume now hovers around the billion-dollar mark. She is a true source of inspiration for her employees and colleagues.

Marie-Claude Houle is also the very first woman to rise to the presidency of the Québec Road Builders and Heavy Construction Association (QRBHCA) in its 75-year history. She is especially proud to be an inspiration to other women who wish to take their rightful places in a male-dominated industry and on Boards of Directors.

Laureate of the week of January 28, 2018, Marie-Claude took top honours ahead of all of 2018’s other laureates, highlighting her exceptional career path. She is among the eight notable personalities from the Québec City region who have received the highest honours for their extraordinary accomplishments within their respective fields of expertise.

Watch the special television broadcast of the evening’s highlights on Saturday, February 2, 2019, at 6:30 p.m. on Radio-Canada (Québec).

Congratulations to this remarkable woman who inspires others to want to succeed.