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Marie-Claude Houle discusses noteworthy projects in an ESG era at the Canadian Club of Montréal


By Johanne Laurin 27 October 2023

On October 23, 2023, Marie-Claude Houle, EBC President and CEO, was a panellist at the Canadian Club of Montréal where she talked about innovations for a sustainable future within an ESG context. Environmental, social and governance issues are increasingly being considered when developing major projects, and at EBC we want our ESG commitments to prevail during our strategic planning to serve as a foundation for our actions.

At the Centre Sheraton Montréal, alongside Marie-Claude Dumas, President and CEO of WSP Canada, and Annie Houle, Head of Canada at Ivanhoe Cambridge, these three leaders in the development of growth-generating projects shared their experiences and views on the challenges and opportunities involved in designing and developing sustainable projects.

According to Marie-Claude Houle, “The earlier we get involved in projects, the likelier we can positively influence the project’s sustainable vision and environmentally responsible design. Integrating ESG criteria forces all stakeholders to make the right choices, hold circular discussions, be more responsible, and work as a team. Our employees are proud when we work on innovative projects with an ecological conscience and we need to do this for future generations.”

There is no shortage of topics on which to build the future in a responsible, sustainable, and equitable manner! Panellists discussed the transition to environmentally friendly practices, the integration of ESG aspects beyond investment, procurement, design, and construction processes to achieve a notable degree of sustainability, and actions required to decrease a structure’s carbon impact.

The panel on “Noteworthy projects in an ESG era” was a unique opportunity to learn more about emerging trends, sustainable governance views and how Canadian companies can contribute to a greener, more inclusive future that benefits society as a whole.


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