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Construction of Charbone’s first green hydrogen plant in Canada

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By Johanne Laurin 16 November 2023

EBC is delighted to share the news of entering into an agreement with Charbone Hydrogène Québec Inc. for the construction of Phase I of its inaugural green hydrogen plant in Sorel-Tracy, Québec, marking a pioneering milestone as the nation’s first of its kind.

Éric Bertrand, Vice President Operations – Major Projects and Management Support at EBC, expressed enthusiasm for being part of Charbone’s venture to establish Québec’s first exclusively dedicated green hydrogen production facility. He added: “For the past 55 years, EBC has been a leader in renewable energy construction projects, and we are delighted to contribute our seasoned construction teams to assist Charbone in their decarbonization journey.”

To face climate change and embrace the energy transition, Charbone has undertaken the mission of providing green hydrogen produced from clean and renewable energy sources for future generations, thus developing value for all stakeholders. and creating a long-term sustainable society. Working with EBC is a natural fit, because as a leading construction company, EBC is working hard to improve its eco-responsibility and ensure that its activities are carried out in an environmentally responsible way, as well as helping to reduce its carbon footprint.

“This agreement with EBC is solidifying Charbone’s status as a frontrunner in the hydrogen production facility development and construction. It establishes a robust and steadfast partnership, not only for this project but also for all 14 other projects in our pipeline” said Dave B. Gagnon, Chairman and CEO of Charbone.

The green hydrogen producer has granted EBC, which will serve as design and build contractor, the right of first refusal to construct additional phases in Sorel-Tracy as well as all Charbone facilities in the North American market; first in Canada and eventually in the United States.

Work will take place in the spring of 2024.

Thanks to Charbone for their trust in working with EBC to build the future responsibly and sustainably. We are pleased to collaborate on this impactful project to address the challenges of climate change and preserve our planet.