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EBC, a vehicle for ecoresponsible urban mobility


By Jasmine Brassard 23 January 2024

EBC is proud to present the winter edition of INNO magazine, featuring an eloquent portrait of EBC as a pillar of ecoresponsible urban mobility within the construction industry. Setting the stage with the Liesse Tunnel refurbishment project on the cover, the special report dedicated to EBC not only illustrates our unwavering commitment to building the future sustainably and equitably, but also attests to our vast expertise and active involvement in innovative and impactful transportation-related projects.

EBC can rely on strong, competent teams ready to face the numerous challenges inherent in project realization. These men and women are dedicated to their work and are passionately invested, implementing concerted solutions and innovative methods to successfully carry out their assigned missions.

We invite you to discover the EBC special report (from the cover to pages 10 to 29, in French only) : Click here

You will be able to appreciate the exceptionalism and passion of our colleagues in the building and civil engineering sectors, who have greatly contributed to the creation of this captivating and instructive dossier. A big thanks to all of our collaborators.

It is with great pride that we work together to build the future. Let us continue our splendid work and leverage our skills and know-how to make a positive impact on projects, the community, and the planet.