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A Canadian construction industry leader, EBC is active in the building, mining, and major civil engineering sectors. In collaboration with its business partners, EBC carries out ambitious and diverse projects of the highest quality. We apply the most stringent safety and quality standards while focusing on customer satisfaction.


To develop our position as a Canadian construction leader, while insisting on universal human values and ensuring that we build the future in a responsible, sustainable and equitable manner.


  • Safety: Whether on site or in the office, we always prioritize the safety of our workers in all our decisions. We make no compromise when it comes to ensuring that our sites are safe places to work.
  • Respect: The highest regard and consideration for our employees, customers and partners is reflected in our every action. This philosophy allows us to develop beneficial and lasting relationships.
  • Expertise: Our employee’s expertise is the key to our success. We value hiring professionals with proven knowledge and experience. Furthermore, we encourage all of our teams to continuously develop and improve upon their skills.
  • Teamwork: Collaboration is fundamental to all our achievements. We work together as a team, combining our individual strengths and helping each other when difficulties arise. We are stronger as a whole.
  • Integrity: Our word is our bond and we believe that fairness should be at the heart of all our business transactions.
  • Success: Failure is never an option for our team. It is our mission to ensure that each project is a success in every aspect, from start to finish.