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QRBHCA Innovation Award presented to EBC

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By Johanne Laurin 14 February 2023

Every opportunity is good for EBC to demonstrate its technological mastery for the benefit of projects. Valuing the search for innovative solutions on construction sites that improve an organization’s productivity, the 2023 Innovation Award was presented to EBC at the Québec Road Builders and Heavy Construction Association (QRBHCA) convention held at the Fairmont Le Château Frontenac in January 2023.

Through the implementation of a Lean digital approach, supported by the use of innovative tools and platforms such as field tablets, site cloud data, 2D/3D/4D models, geomatic summaries, unified and centralized schedules, 5D budget flows, treasury and business analysis (BI) in real time, we are exploiting the full potential of our site data.

We invite you to watch this video: Innovation at EBC.

Congratulations to our team for this innovative development and its successful implementation as part of our Saint-Michel substation construction project in Montréal! We are committed to the use of cutting-edge technological tools and the development of innovative approaches to construction.

For more information:
2023 Innovation Award


Photo: Dominique Godin (Surety Underwriting Director – Québec, Travelers Canada), François Houle (Vice President, Project Services, EBC), Steeve Gonthier (President, QRBHCA).