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New sustainability policy for EBC


By Jasmine Brassard 23 February 2024


Since 1968, EBC has always placed the well-being of its employees and the community at the forefront of its concerns. Through this mindset, we wish to build a sustainable future for everyone.

At EBC, we define sustainable development as: “a development that meets current needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Sustainable development is based on a long-term vision that considers the inseparable nature of its environmental, social and governance components¹”.

Therefore, our objective is to ensure that our construction activities are organized with the greatest respect for the environment, that they maintain quality of life and they safeguard the integration of all stakeholders.

EBC is committed to maintaining a management program that regulates the sustainable development criteria included in each component. This program allows us, among other things to:
‒Ease our regulatory compliance.
‒Decrease our environmental impact.
‒Reduce health and safety risks.
‒Promote the continuous improvement of our processes.
‒Develop positive relationships with stakeholders.
‒Better protect natural resources.

Each year, we will present our ESG criteria report to set clear and realistic objectives and commitments and oversee the continuous improvement of our sustainable development practices.

[1] Definition inspired by the United Nations (2015)