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Health and safety coordinator

EBC Inc is seeking a HSE Coordinator for their project-based operations in Dubreuilville, Ontario. As an HSE Coordinator you are responsible to monitor and support Health & Safety compliances on the project. Responsible for auditing, inspecting and verifying the planning, organization and implementation of safety activities related to the prevention of accidents and occupational injuries on the project. Assist in the development and implementation of supervisor training, advise and make recommendations to project supervisors and management on safety matters. Assist the company in maintaining COR certification by auditing the project, identifying gaps, outlining an action plan, and provide input in the development of policies, programs, documentation and training resources for the safety team, management, supervisors, and workers to achieve success.

Specify the reference number D-159-19

  • Permanent
  • Dubreuilville

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Deadline 2019/09/14

Working at EBC means being part of a thriving company that operates in a variety of sectors across Canada. Its also means working for a company concerned about the health and well-being of its employees by offered them a variety of actions and programs.

Want to join forces with a talented and dynamic team? Are you looking for an enjoyable work environment with excellent working conditions? EBC is the ideal place to take on new challenges and advance your career.


Conduct daily site inspections and audits to identify compliance with expected practices and look for opportunities for improvement;

  • Provide safety related information to Management, Project Manager, Supervisors and Workers;
  • deliver general orientation for all new workers;
  • control Health and Safety related documentation to ensure that it continues to meet current regulations when it is distributed to the project for use.
  • conduct and supervise accident investigations.  Review and forward reports to Management and to HR to ensure WSIB reporting requirements are met;
  • assist in the development of documentation and programs that will maintain COR certification;
  • when conducting daily site inspections, identify hazards and suggest controls related to the various jobs, procedures, equipment and contaminants or particular situations;
  • recommend appropriate means of accident and incident prevention to managers related to corrective actions required;
  • assist in the development of project emergency response / evacuation plans specific for the project;
  • provide input to help resolve problems related to a specific safety concern;
  • participate in official inquiries by Government Officials according to established rules and provide projects with guidance to comply with orders;
  • counsel management (superintendent, foreman) on the steps to take to meet the safety requirements;
  • participate in the creation of project specific standards, methods and safety procedures;
  • ensure the application and the follow-up of the OHS Management Program on all assigned projects in Ontario;
  • maintain contact with Site Superintdent, Project Manager and provide support to enable them to develop a positive safety culture on their projects;
  • ensure consistency in expected safety performance on projects and verify that the progressive discipline system is being fairly and consistently applied on the project;
  • enter information daily into the EBC Safety Database;
  • track project statistics related to both proactive activities and events to ensure that they fall in line with expectations;
  • maintain safety related files in a properly structured manner both related to hard copies and electronic files;
  • contact HSE Manager for support or information when required;
  • extensive travelling is to be expected.


  • Completion of a College or University program related to Safety practices in Construction;
  • work expetience on construction sites – Exposure to work involving formwork and concrete placement, in-water work, cofferdams, bridge work and rock breaking/excavation;
  • geographic and Cultural Diversity – Exposure to several regions, companies, and peoples to gain awareness of safety expectations and differences in business practices;
  • proficiency in the use of computer related business tools such as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), and other commonly used programs (Paint, Adobe Acrobat, Database Programs and Internet Browsers). File management (copy, paste, rename, file and find) as well as taking screen shots and using basic graphics files (paint) to crop or highlight pictures and add text;
  • occupational Health and Safety training related to applicable Acts and Regulations, and an understanding of the background related to the requirement so they are able to describe why something should be done when questioned on it;
  • health and safety certifications including at a minimum a CHSO/NCSO Provincial recognition as well as working towards a minimum of Gold Seal Canadian Construction Association National Certification.

Skills and attitudes required

  • Independent and resourceful;
  • good communicator and positive leader;
  • teamwork;
  • mobile and adaptable;
  • works well under pressure;
  • disciplined and structured;
  • sense of responsibility and punctuality;
  • respects the confidentiality of the project and workers.

Conditions offered by EBC

  • A competitive salary;
  • an active social club;
  • a friendly and stimulating work environment;
  • large-scale projects.

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Deadline 2019/09/14

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